Window Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning in Saint George, Utah

Window Cleaning

Did you know that windows cleaned regularly in the St. George Desert have increased longevity and stay beautiful all year round? WE OFFER A DISCOUNTED CLEANING PROGRAM TO ALL OF OUR CLIENTS. Call today for a Free Quote 435-862-8039. *Ask about “The Utah Senior Advantage”

The first time we may need to perform a deep clean to restore your windows to a “like new” condition. Every window we clean gets the special treatment, we wet-wipe the frames, tracks and sills and do final walkthrough to leave you completely satisfied.

*See “Glass Restoration” Below


Premium Window Cleaning Services

We clean Mirrors and Tracks to make your home beautiful. If your windows have Hard Water Stains we offer an Acid Scrub service and can apply a “Weather Shield” to the glass. * See Dusting Services and Cobweb Removal Below

Dusting Services and Cobweb Removal

Do you have hard to reach COBWEBS and dusty CEILING FANS or BLINDS/SHUTTERS? Remove allergens and keep your window treatments cleaner with A Beautiful Day Window Cleaning. Each slat in your blinds/shutters is dusted individually with a commercial-grade duster and dust spray including hard-to-reach places. We finish by cleaning the windows and wet-wiping the frames and window sills.

Gutter Cleaning

Avoid damage to your foundation and gutters by using our gutter cleaning service to keep your gutters free of debris. When leaves and other trash build up in your gutters. Water is not funneled away from your house and instead seeps down into the ground too close to your walls.

Glass Restoration

Bring new shine to your windows with this service. Windows that have not been cleaned properly or maintained regularly develop oxidation from being exposed to rain, water, pollution, dirt, and the elements. Using our restoration technique, we will SCRUB EVERY INCH OF THE AFFECTED WINDOWS BY HAND to REMOVE OXIDATION and restore the glass to a “like new” condition.

Cleaning Products

In an effort to provide the best service available, we use only superior cleaning equipment. Our cleaning solution has a neutral pH and anti-static barrier that does not attract dirt unlike dish soap. Its safe on all glass, plastic and metal, it is biodegradable (no phosphates or ammonia) and provides extra lubrication to prevent scratched glass. In addition, it actually softens hard water to keep the glass cleaner longer.

We are the only window cleaner recommended by KAYENTA Homes and Properties.


We are the only window cleaner recommended by The Ledges of St. George.

Request a window cleaning from A Beautiful Day Window Cleaning in St. George Utah to keep the exterior of your home beautiful.