Aren’t all window cleaners the same?

No! All Window cleaners are not the same, some may include one thing or another. For example some window cleaners don’t wear uniforms or drive company vehicles. Other window cleaners may not pay taxes or have insurance. And you may think you are getting a good price but not all “window cleaners” provide a quality service. You should consider all the specifics and not base your decision solely on price, you may be disappointed if you do.

Why are you different from the other window cleaners?

Our pricing is very competitive and affordable, we have weekly commercial clients and monthly residential clients (we recommend at least having your windows cleaned at a minimum of twice per year). Our “Basic” window cleaning service includes wet-scrubbing the glass and squeegeeing with fresh rubber so no streaks or residue are left behind. Also included every time is our ”FREE 5 DAY RAIN GUARANTEE”* and also “FREE CLEANING OF ALL BUG-SCREENS”*. We dry-wipe the edges of each window for a professional clean you will notice, and we wet-wipe the frames and sills. Horizontal sliders get the track side wiped for excess water and we carry a dry mop just in case any water drips end up on the floor (we use water so sometimes its inevitable but we only bring clean water inside and we are very careful). We have a reputation as being friendly and professional which is very important and as a family owned business we believe in taking pride in hard work.

Do you look professional?

Our uniformed employees give the professional look so you don’t have to worry about your customers or neighbors wondering who we are and why we are there it’s pretty obvious by our neat clean uniforms and good hygiene, also our unmistakable company vehicles speak for us by saying, “We are here to make these windows beautiful!”

Should I just save my money and clean my own windows?

You may not be wanting to pay for a window cleaning service. If you are reading this however, you are more than likely not looking forward to cleaning your own windows or as a business owner or manager you know there’s no profit in having employees try and clean the windows. As a homeowner you can rest assured that we are professionals and we can take the pain out of doing windows, pun intended. As a business person let your employees do thier job that they were hired for, let us come in on a regular basis to provide peace of mind that your windows are always getting cleaned no streaks, no hassle.

What if its going to rain?

Relax, there are larger problems in life then having to try and schedule window cleaning around the rain, if you don’t you may never have clean windows. We live on the Earth, it constantly rains year round. If it didn’t rain we wouldn’t have vegetation or water to drink. RAIN DOESN’T ALWAYS MAKE YOUR WINDOWS LOOK DIRTY. If it rains on clean windows it’s better than if it rains on dirty windows. If you get your windows cleaned regularly you don’t have to worry because sooner or later we will be coming to clean your windows again. It can rain on your windows the same week you have your windows cleaned. So make sure your window cleaner offers a rain guarantee. We have a no hassle “FREE 5 DAY RAIN GUARANTEE”*

*Free screen cleaning for residential customers only
*Rain guarantee:
If it rains within 5 days from the date of service, you must call within 5 days of service to use the rain guarantee. We will happily come when available after it stops raining on our own time to re-clean up to 25 of the affected windows for free. Fuel charge applies to “Rain Guarantee” when traveling 10 miles beyond St. George City Limits.